Guide to learn how to type faster

How To Type Faster

Learning how to type fast can be a training intense task. A key to progress is setting up goals and good conditions plus practicing techniques. Try these 7 typing tips to master the 10 finger system.

Software Reviews

What is the best speed reading software?

What is the Best Speed Reading Software?

Knowing how to speed read is one of the most interesting skills when dealing with different reading materials. In this review we look at 5 of the best speed reading software to help you decide which one to go for.

Best Typing Software Review

What is the Best Typing Software 2015

Learning to type with software. This is our in-depth typing tutor round-up for choosing the best typing program. What are the differences between the programs, their pros and cons? Compare them and find your tutor!


7 Speed Reading Review

Learning to read faster using software? Our 7-Speed-Reading 2015 Software Review and Product Description looks at features, pros and cons. We show you what is new in 2015 and if you should consider to buy it?


AceReader Elite Review

AceReader Elite is an all-in-one speed reading solution and popular across the globe. We review Ace Reader Elite 2013 and explain features, pros and cons. Watch the video and view screenshots.

Typing Techniques

Typing Techniques

Typing Techniques – 5 Skills to Master

There are several effective typing techniques that can help you achieve an excellent typing speed. Read on to discover what some of the best techniques are and how much you need to practice each day!


Typing Ergonomics

Learning keyboard typing ergonomics can allow you to effectively reduce the stress and pain often associated with typing for an extensive period of time. These tips may help avoid a strain on fingers and body or low levels of productivity.


Top Row Typing

There are different rows in a keyboard such as the top row, the home row, the bottom row and the number pad. While Part 1 of our series on typing techniqes looks on the home row, this part covers the Top Row.


Number Pad Typing

This guide is part 4 of our touch typing techniques series and will help you learn how to masterfully operate the numerical keys of a desktop keyboard.


10 Typing Jobs & Careers

10 Jobs Waiting For Fast Typists

Advanced typing skills are no longer a requirement only for professionals like secretaries, transcriptionists, or translators.Because our lives revolve around tablets, keyboards, and smartphones no matter what our profession is, it's imperative … [More...]


Opinion: What Sets Ultimate Typing Apart?

The latest product by eReflect, Ultimate Typing, has received rave reviews from reputed review websites including Software Review Boffin and Top Ten Reviews.The reviews go into detail about the distinctive features of the software and highlight … [More...]


Ultimate Typing Review 2015

Ultimate Typing Tutor | Having Fun While Learning To Type Fast If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware how important typing speed is when trying to get a job, or how much time you could save by learning to touch type. You’ve probably … [More...]