• How To Type Faster

    Learning how to type fast can be a training intense task. A key to progress is setting up goals and practicing techniques. 7 typing tips to master the 10 finger system.

    How To Type Faster
  • Best Free Typing Games – Kids and Adults

    What are the benefits of free typing games? What types are available? We will also review the best games and platforms that may help fine tune your keyboarding skills.

    Best Free Typing Games – Kids and Adults

Software Reviews

What is the Best Typing Software 2015

Learning to type with software. This is our in-depth typing tutor round-up for choosing the best typing program 2015. What are the differences between the tutors, their pros and cons? Compare them and find your tutor!

What is the Best Speed Reading Software?

Knowing how to speed read is one of the most interesting skills when dealing with different reading materials. In this review we look at 5 of the best speed reading software to help you decide which one to go for.

Vocabulary Software 2015 – What is the Best Program?

We review four of the best vocabulary software 2015 that will help improve your communications skills, credibility, career options and writing skills.

Typing Techniques

Typing Techniques – 5 Skills to Master

There are several effective typing techniques that can help you achieve an excellent typing speed. Read on to discover what some of the best techniques are and how much you need to practice each day!

Typing Ergonomics

Learning keyboard typing ergonomics can allow you to effectively reduce the stress and pain often associated with typing for an extensive period of time. These tips may help avoid a strain on fingers and body or low levels of productivity.

Top Row Typing

There are different rows in a keyboard such as the top row, the home row, the bottom row and the number pad. While Part 1 of our series on typing techniqes looks on the home row, this part covers the Top Row.

Product Reviews

Ultimate Typing Review – CX 2016 Edition

We review Ultimate Typing 2016 software. It features video tutorials, numerous different typing exercises and upload functionality for Wikipedia articles. Keep reading to see if this is the typing software tutor that is most suited to your needs.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Review

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing offers a unique learning option: customizable training. We review this typing tutor and look at Pros, Cons, Features, Goals. Keep reading here.

AceReader Elite Review 2015

AceReader Elite is an all-in-one speed reading solution and popular across the globe. We review Ace Reader Elite 2015 and explain features, pros and cons. Watch the video and view screenshots.

7 Speed Reading Review – CX 2016

Learning to read faster using software? Our 7-Speed-Reading Software Review and Product Description looks at features, pros and cons. We show you what is new in CX2016 and if you should consider to buy it?

Ultimate Spelling Review – 2015 Edition

Spelling tutor for kids and students to develop orthography and typing skills. We review Ultimate Spelling 2015 and show you highlights, features, pros and cons.

Ultimate Vocabulary Review 2015

We review Ultimate Vocabulary 2015, one of the most popular vocabulary builders available, and show you highlights, pros and cons. Read our review to see if this tutor will suit your needs.


Tips to Fix Common Typing Errors

Which words are most common to misspell or mistype? Learn why this happens and tactics you can use to avoid this from reoccurring.

10 Effective Finger Relaxation Exercises

Typing is an inseparable part of daily activities for millions of people worldwide. Relax and stretch fingers after long typing sessions and apply these 10 simple exercises to release the pain caused by all-day typing.

The World’s Fastest Typists

A compilation of historic, modern and fun speed typing records on an array of platforms, from personal computers, to typewriters, smartphones and more.

10 Jobs Waiting For Fast Typists

What are interesting typing careers? We look at 10 jobs waiting for those with fast typing skills.