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Overview of Bottom Row Typing Keys | Typing Techniques Part 3

In this information rich age, no matter what profession or status you are in, you are usually spending most of your time in front of a keyboard. It seems that now days there isn’t any career that doesn’t require you to type on a computer keyboard.

Hence it has become important to learn how to type fast and accurately in order to get an edge over your peers. When learning to become a touch typist, we first learn about the Home Row keys and then move on to the Top Row Keys.

When we have finally mastered these two rows, we move to the final primary row of the keyboard known as the Bottom Row. This guide will help you learn how to master the bottom row typing keys in order to become a touch typist.

What is the Bottom Row Typing Technique?

The bottom row keys are located in the bottom section of the keyboard just about the space bar and other functional keys. It starts with the keys ‘Z’, ‘X’,’C’,’V’ and ends with the keys ‘N’,’M’,-,-,-.-.

The bottom row keys are the hardest to learn especially because of the layout of the keys that are under the command of the left hand. The layout of the keyboard is based on a type writer, but unlike the type writer, the keys do not have levers separating them, hence they are exactly below each other which make it hard for the left hand to work with them.

Why are the Bottom Row Keys important?

The bottom row keys go hand in hand with the home row keys and the top row keys. Your hands are positioned on the keyboard in such a way so that your fingers can easily reach all the keys on the primary three rows of the keyboard.

The bottom row keys are also important because there are several words in the English language that will demand the letters from the bottom row keys. Without mastering the bottom row keys, you cannot hope to become a touch typist.

Learning the bottom row keys almost guarantees speed and accuracy with all types of keyboards and type writers.

How to learn and practice the Bottom Row Keys?

The bottom row keys can be easily mastered if you can effectively learn how to combine the keys under both hands.

Here is how you should combine the keys together with your right and left hands.

  • Combine ‘V’ with ‘M’ (Index fingers)
  • Combine ‘B’ with ‘N’ (Index fingers)
  • Combine ‘C’ with ‘,’ (Middle fingers)
  • Combine ‘X’ with ‘.’ (Ring fingers)
  • Combine ‘Z’ with ‘, . and /’ (Pinky fingers)

When you will practice combining these keys together, you will most probably have no trouble getting the hang of the keys that are under the command of the right hand fingers. As far as the left hand is concerned, a lot of practice will be needed to perfect this end of the row because of the way the keys are laid out.

The key to learning this typing technique is to practice and position your hands properly. Before you move on to the bottom row, it is highly recommended to start with the home row keys. As soon as you can familiarize with the home row keys positioning, your fingers can easily be extended to the bottom or top rows of the keyboard.

Conclusion Bottom Row Typing

The bottom row keys are hard to work with but with enough time and practice you can easily learn how to command the keys without looking at the keyboard. The key is to familiarize yourself with the position of the keys and your hands. There are several exercises available on the internet that can help you master this typing technique.

Remember that it requires a lot of patience to work with the keyboard rows; the best way to learn is to practice positioning of the hands even when you are typing outside of your keyboard lessons.

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